Kerri S. mabee

        Columnist   ~    Editor    ~    author    ~   Ghostwriter

about Kerri

As a former high school educator, I was inspired by the works of Shakespeare and Steinbeck to step out from behind my classroom desk and pursue a career as a professional writer.

For 15 years, I have grown a diverse collection of published work in national and regional magazines, newspapers and in educational publications.

My portfolio expanded to include work as a public relations

writer and consultant for noted firms throughout

Southern California.

And my years serving as the managing editor

of a competitive online news website placed me

at the leading edge of journalism where I made exciting

gains as a reporter, social media strategist, online

marketer and writing ambassador.

Because I approach each project and all ideas

with an open mind and willing spirit, I have written

about everything from politics to parenting, food to football.

With every word I write, every professional task I undertake, I aim to elevate, educate and inspire.

It's my dream. It's my calling.