Kerri S. mabee

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Making the Most of Your College Visit: Choosing a college is a lot like buying a home. Chances are you will be there for years — maybe even settle  here to pursue your career and raise a family. Don’t you want to be absolutely certain before you sign on the dotted line?

Writing an Exceptional College Essay: You've chosen the school of your dreams (and a few others that you like, too). You've visited campuses. And your common application is all but complete.

The Innovative Writer: Write With Imagination: Innovation is everywhere these days — so much innovation that hardly anything seems special or new anymore. And yet, with the millions of writers out there – digital and traditional – competing for a loyal following of readers, it is imperative that our writing stands out as unique.

The Insistent Writer: Write for a Breakthrough: Insistent writers pursue a passion for writing and a dream for publication. They set goals. They learn from their rejections. And they do not apologize for their ambitions. It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? That would be true, except that doubt and disappointment have a way of piling up on every writer’s desk.